Renting An Accommodation Is Better Than Buying

Accommodation, no matter what this word has enough significance to turn the table of a person upside down, if someone doesn’t have the accommodation he/she is homeless, helpless and deprived of so many blessings. Talking about accommodation and residences brings us to a crucial topic of renting vs buying a house/apartment, this has been observed and debated so many times that it is essential to have an accommodation of your own but, the opposite of this has never been addressed or revisited. As humans we are just immune to what is around us and we never try to focus on anything which is not there; it may have significance or it may have enough options towards the betterment. Here we will discuss a new and the other side of the story i.e. renting is better than buying a house.

We all profit freaks, whole life has become profit and loss statement in the struggle of earning profit as a result, we just look at something which is just profitable straight away. Sometimes, buying is profitable but renting is surprisingly profitable no matter what. So many investment gurus have endorsed the idea of renting an accommodation instead of buying it; even pioneers of investment think that it is beneficial to rent a house and let the actual owner bear the cost of maintenance and taxes; on the other hand invest your own amount in some fixed deposit to pay the rent. This is something weird to understand but, one can earn better profits on the amount which he/she would spend in buying his/her own house.

In addition, renting a house provides mobility and flexibility a person can easily move around change the place etc. According to the study conducted in the University of Manchester, people who are residing in their own house are not feeling well enough, when it comes to changing the area or accommodation certainly this is difficult to sell the house, on the contrary, renting could be better like a person just need to notify the landlord and leave the house (after clearing all the dues) it’s simple and effective. Yes! Sense of ownership will not be there in the case of renting, but sense of ownership is the only thing which is beneficial while buying a house or an apartment. Some investors added that instead of paying the down payment and fixing the amount at one place, it is way better to invest it somewhere more profitable and where one can get periodical profits, this is better to pay the rent from that periodical profit.

Other than the above mentioned description, investors are in favor of renting a house rather buying it because of numerous reasons, profit, ease of movement and above all better prospects in future are some key benefits attached to the renting. In this case visit Harcourts Glenroy for more details.