How To Choose A Shared Working Environment?

A lot of people in today’s world want to break free from the shackles of working under the strict supervision of bosses which interfere with their sense of freedom in the workplace. And that is one of the reasons why plenty of people with amazing qualifications are nowadays turning to freelancing as well as entrepreneurship and start-ups. Now the most frequent problem encountered by this breed of adventurers is the lack of a proper working area.

A co working space will allow you to rent a work area, either group desks or a private office; it all depends on your budget. A few things need to be considered when you are working out of your home. An office space allows you immense flexibility when you consider that you are free from all the noisy distractions of home. Click here for more info on office space Waterloo.

When working out of a shared office space Sydney, it’s always good to choose one that has rooms for private meetings with clients that you can book in advance. If it’s a video presentation that needs to be done, it can also be arranged if required. You also need to keep in mind that you’re your own taskmaster and will have to keep on feeding your motivation as well as prey on the do-or-die approach that defines this brave new world. To ensure that others do not disturb you while you’re working, you can fall back on your reliable headphones, ones with a do not disturb sign are great for keeping outsiders at bay while you concentrate on the job at hand. You also need access to a high speed internet connection as well as state of the art printers and projectors. Nobody can work productively for hours at a stretch and these shared working arrangements have non-alcoholic beverages, like coffee and tea, to sip on when you take a break.

And the opportunities of socializing as well as networking with future big players adds extra incentive to invest in a co working space not far from home, as you also need time to commute.

Things to remember

First off, you need to clean up your act. It’s your desk we are talking about. Since you will be working with likeminded, driven people, it would hardly be fitting to have a disorganized desk.

And more importantly, what kind of impression would it give to your clients? Make a habit of organizing the desk before starting work for the day. Keep in mind that the level of silence and civility you expect from the others sharing the workspace is greatly determined by how much noise and distractions you are creating for them. It’s a symbiotic relationship and please do try to keep it that way. If you DO have to listen to music, it sounds just as good on a pair of high quality earplugs, there’s no point in blowing your speakers out.